Getting Unstuck

I periodically get stuck photographically, feeling uninspired and discouraged. Fortunately, two women in my camera club create summer projects that usually get my creative juices flowing.

Last summer we did a scavenger hunt, following clues to about 20 different locations around our county. In the process, I discovered the beautiful working Anselma Mill.

© Anita Bower

© Anita Bower

Several years ago, the theme was doors. Some of the categories were: barn door, old door, door reflection, blue door, door with lines. One of my favorites was self-portrait with door.

© Anita Bower

© Anita Bower

Another summer we had to take photos of our town using each letter of the alphabet. The most difficult was to find something to go with X. My little town only has one railroad crossing, and fortunately, it had one of the old signs.

© Anita Bower

© Anita Bower

I loved being able to use a photo of one of our Amish neighbors.
(I used A for a portrait of myself, Anita.)

© Anita Bower

© Anita Bower

This year, our photos must represent the titles of a list of 21 songs. I listen to the songs as I work on the photos. For the song “The Red and Green of Mayo” sung by The Saw Doctors, I used mayonnaise and food coloring (even though the Mayo of the song is a county in Ireland).

© Anita Bower

© Anita Bower

I look forward to these summer opportunities to grow my creativity by playing with photography.


The women of f/4 Studio welcome Anita Bower as our guest today. Following Anita’s regular posts on her blog is a sure way to infuse a splash of daily beauty and inspiration.

Anita was featured on Photogeneralist some time ago.  The post contains a video interview of Anita that is quite interesting.

While Anita is often considered an outstanding floral photographer, we see in today’s post that her photography can can reach ‘outside the box’ through her photograph challenges.

Thank you again, Anita, for joining us today.

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