Even as a child I was fascinated by feathers. I had a rather large collection in a shoebox until probably high school. That fascination has continued into my photography and over the years I have shot feathers of all kinds in many ways.

A trip to the zoo garnered some flamingo feathers and I just loved the color.feathers-2My outdoor feline population has occasionally contributed to my subjects, a cardinal feather is an example.

cardinal-Then I tried a white feather on black:

whiteonblk-And a white feather on white:


I had a chance to try out a super macro lens once (think scientific quality) and, of, course, feathers were among the things I tried:

supermacro-7 supermacro-2


Peacock feathers, so beautiful:

peacock-0714 peacock-0711I think what draws me to them, aside from the wonderful colors, of course, is their graphic quality, which is always one of the elements that attracts me to my subject matter.

close-up-0683I have a new series that I am working on currently that also features some feathers in a supporting role and I’ll be unveiling that soon.

—contributed by Sandy Burr

© Sandy Bur Photography




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