In the Good Old Summertime

Well, the dog days of summer have come to Nashville. The humidity makes you just want to slow down and stay indoors. Even when we three go out and shoot now it is as the sun rises and the morning is relatively cool. Last time we were done by 7:30. You just gotta adapt.

When the urge to shoot rears its head I start to look indoors for projects. I’ve been known to set up a little studio in my laundry room and shoot there.

pears-03 feathers-Now with a bigger camera I actually can’t fit in there any more unless I want to stand in the cats’ litter box. So I look around for other things.

indoors-Books are a great graphic element. I also love letterpress letters and have collected quite a stash of them. I’ve used them in all kinds of images and just love the texture.

letterpress-0031Not everything is an unqualified success. Somehow i thought that screening might make for interesting patterns but was less than happy with the outcome.


And sometimes I just see something that makes me grab my camera. I am fascinated with glass and on this particular afternoon I was struck by the transparency of this vase and the interesting light and shadow.

shadows-9702So if you’re like me and don’t like to get sweaty but still need to feed into photography cravings just look around. The most mundane things can become a compelling photography project.

Contributed by Sandy Burr

All images © Sandy Burr Photography




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