The Art of Simple

My preference towards simple runs to many things: furniture, jewelry, clothes. Don’t like fussy anything. As a graphic designer that was my style as well. I liked simple, clean pages, easy to negotiate. Some of you may remember when Wired magazine first came out with its pages of jumbled text and fonts, starting a new trend that was considered to be so cool (yes, I date myself here). I shuddered. I didn’t want to work that hard at finding the content. And my orderly brain rebelled.

So little wonder that as a photographer simple is also my esthetic. It is what I am always drawn to and what I look for when I am out shooting. A simple beauty and a simple voice. Probably also why I am so drawn to black-and-white photos, imagery that is pared down to its core.

I’ve gone through my archives and pulled a few of my images that most reflect that. Not all are b&w but all share a single-mindedness that reminds us to look for the beauty in the simple things.

simple_1-2240 simple_1- simple-14 simple-02 simple_3- simple_1-6008

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