On the Verge


© Sharon Brown Christopher

As I’ve been photographing the last several weeks, I’ve stumbled into another dimension. It feels like a  land of in-between. Not quite winter and not quite spring, it is a season of first signs. All creation has been on the brink, on the edge of a breakthrough, inclined toward something new. All is on the verge…


© Sharon Brown Christopher

Life has sprouted on the water’s surface, but the trees are still bare.


© Sharon Brown Christopher

Red-colored bushes speak of anticipation.


© Sharon Brown Christopher

And then there is the unfurling of the flowers.

In the few days since I made these images, rain and warmth have come. No longer is nature on the verge here in Tennessee. Yet, I will remember and savor this short and special interval of time and look forward to my next walk in the land of in-between.

Contributed by Sharon Brown Christopher

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