Morning Walk

© Donna Rosser

© Donna Rosser

Glints of morning sun shine through tall pines to highlight the rising fog from the water’s surface. Lines of pine trunks reflect on the water leading my eye back to the shoreline and the wisps of vapor. I look for a break in the branches on my side of the lagoon to get a clearer shot. I need to take this picture and I will need to run to catch up with them when I finish.

© Donna Rosser

© Donna Rosser

As we approach deer grazing in common areas (or backyards) they don’t seem to care; they are used to people passing by on the path. I tell them hello and take their picture, quickly to move on and try not to disturb them.

© Donna Rosser

© Donna Rosser

Perhaps it is the scent, but I love blooming kudzu. My path takes me past an area covered in bloom. I take time to smell the candy-scented flower and capture the lovely contrast of purple and deep green.

© Donna Rosser

© Donna Rosser

For 18 months I have had the pleasure to witness sunrises, fog, frost, wildlife, rain, seasons, and friendships deepen. In August, 2013, I joined a group of women training to run/walk a half marathon. We gather in a parking lot in a Peachtree City neighborhood to log miles and minutes while chatting away about our lives. Occasionally, I feel the urge to stop and take a photo with my phone. The phone is always handy since I log my walk with an app. The photos are grouped into a body of work called “Morning Walk.”

© Donna Rosser

© Donna Rosser

As a photographer, artist, writer, I bank on the power of observation to inspire me and create projects that mean something to me. If I see it and want the photo, I take it. The few times I did not stop, I had regrets. Morning Walk is a project that I continue to feed with images from these walks with friends.


We welcome Donna Rosser as our guest today.  We met Donna three or so years ago at Nature Undisturbed and Slow Exposures.

From her web site,

 “Donna Rosser is a fine art photographer. She is inspired by the everyday but it is her interpretation that make the image her own. Awesome compositions occur naturally and are there to be seen. Donna’s photos are free, loose, and intriguing.

Her work has been included in many exhibits nationwide including SlowExposures, The Center for Fine Art Photography’s Center Forward, TPS 21 & 22, and Give Thanks at the Tin Roof Winery. She is also part of permanent collection of The Center for Fine Art Photography and FotoWeekDC. Her photos have been featured in the Denver Airport, the DC Metro, and now at the Maynard Jackson International Terminal in Atlanta. Donna was featured on the HGTV 2012 Green Home special.

When Donna is not taking photos or teaching photography — she is playing with her dogs Sadie and Iris, cooking, writing, or relaxing with family.”

Thank you for joining us today, Donna!


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