Online Meandering

It’s cold out. Too cold for me to go out and shoot. This is the time of year that I sit by the warmth of my computer and check out what other photographers are doing. And spend some time learning new skills. Get up-to-date on trends. Find what I need and figure out how to get rid of what I don’t. I’ve compiled a list of some of my go-to places on the web for all things photography, creativity, business, and fun.

Like most creatives I love to look at what other people are doing. A great place to do that is 500px. This is a large and talented community of photographers from all over the world that post their work. I’ve joined the black-and-white group and post there on an occasional basis. It’s exciting for me to get comments from all over. Another interesting site is Twisted Sifter. The editors here scour the globe for interesting photos, videos and works of art. Some amazing stuff that often blows my socks off.

Too learn new skills in many different areas you can’t be CreativeLive. Photography, design, music, business, creativity, personal growth, they have it all. You can watch live daily (9 a.m.pst) or rebroadcasts at night. Some really stellar instructors. To learn about marketing for artists the person for you is Mary Virginia Swanson. She has the goods on exhibiting, pricing, and other business aspects of running an artistic business. Want to follow what’s new in the world of photography? Digital Photo Buzz is a great resource. News about gear, trends, and interesting tidbits.

I follow the blogs of many photographers. For wedding photography I follow Jasmine Star. I don’t often shoot weddings anymore but her advice is on target for any commercial photography business. And I just like her. Another is Tiffany Farley, a lifestyle newborn photographer. She posts beautiful black-and-white portrait images that were a real inspiration to me when I started doing family photography.

Need stuff? My two go-to places are Clear Bags and IT Supplies. Clear Bags has pretty much whatever you might need to package your art. Best prices on the clear sleeves we use to deliver and protect prints. IT Supplies is where I go for ink and paper. Once  you get your items into the cart you will see what a great discount you get. And they carry most major brands of paper including Moab, Hahnemuhle, and Epson and all kinds of ink.

Finally, want to get rid of stuff. Most who know me know that I have become a devotee of minimalism. One of the sites I find most helpful is Be More with Less. Learn about the psychology of hanging on to stuff and how you can simplify your life with less. It is a real work in progress for me (you for sure wouldn’t look at my house and think a minimalist lives here) but I have noticed a difference. You can also check out The Minimalists. They have an interesting back story and good advice.

I hope I’ve turned you on to some new sites and resources. We’d love to hear about your favorite places as well so leave us a comment!

Contributed by Sandy Burr

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  1. Cathie Lyons

    Really appreciate the resources and sites you mentioned in Online Meandering. Thanks for sharing. Cathie Lyons


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