Exploring Lines in Nature

© Sue Henry

© Sue Henry

December in rural Middle Tennessee has it’s own unique beauty.  The gently rolling hills and the crisp air made the f/4 outing to Bell’s Bend Park earlier this month very pleasant, quiet, and peaceful.

While exploring the wide paths through the dried weeds and grasses, the challenge wasn’t finding something to photograph but rather determining exactly what photographic direction to take.

As I leisurely walked the path with tripod and camera in hand, I found myself being attracted to the barrenness of the vegetation, which presented an extreme contrast to the bounty of spring, summer, and autumn rich, lush vegetation.


© Sue Henry

© Sue Henry

If memory serves me, the silhouetted image of prickly thorn covered branches was the one that initially helped formulate direction toward exploring “Lines in Nature” that winter morning; the theme I assigned myself for the morning photo outing.

© Sue Henry

© Sue Henry

It is interesting how once one begins to notice – or assign – a specific concept, theme, or challenge while out photographing, a whole fresh way of observing and seeing will often occur.  And, if one has an open mind, the images will often present themselves or nearly ‘speak to you.’

© Sue Henry

© Sue Henry

It’s often easy to be literal with an assignment,  theme, or challenge; a deeper challenge becomes finding subtle or implied interpretations.


© Sue Henry

Over the years I have grown to value having a goal or sense of purpose for one’s photography.  During this most recent outing, once I established the goal of finding “Lines in Nature”  I began to observe – to see – in ways I might otherwise have overlooked.  

Contributed by Sue Henry


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