Textures of Winter

Recently my shooting group, f/4 studio, ventured out to a park in a relatively untouched area near Nashville called Bells Bend. It was well past the autumn season and we weren’t sure what we would find to shoot. Trails cut through fallow fields that we could only assume looked glorious at other times of the year. But now they were brown tumbles of plants.

But on closer look what these fields did have in abundance was all kinds of textures. Crinkled leaves, spiky pods, silky milk weed. For me, who loves to work with my macro lens, it was a little slice of heaven.



Here was a chance to look a little deeper to find the interesting structures that can be overpowered in the seasons of color. The skeletal remains that have their own kind of beauty.


It may be a little harder to see but winter has its own kind of finery that is only found when the bright wrappings have fallen away.

Texture-1428 Texture-1463

Contributed by Sandy Burr, cross posted at http://www.sandyburrphotography.com/blog

All images © Sandy Burr Photography

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