When Life Hands You Lemons…

Make Lemonade!

Recently I signed up to participate in the annual Scott Kelby World Wide Photo Walk.  I have participated in this event for the past four or five years.  Our local walk leader undertakes organizing several extra events and activities in conjunction with the world wide walk.  With an exhibit and book of walk images, the walk is kind of a ‘big deal’ in this area and a whole lot of fun!

Last Saturday – the actual day the walk was scheduled – our region had forecasts of heavy rain.  With the walk leader’s permission, I decided not to go on the walk on Saturday morning, but rather to go another day that would fall within a prescribed time frame.  I made that decision knowing fully I would not be eligible to enter the world wide ‘contest,’ but would be able to participate in all of the local activities.

Where am I going with all of this, you may ask…

Saturday’s walk in Fayetteville, I am told, was a perfect day for photography!  The cloudy sky acted like a giant soft-box and provided smooth, even lighting.  And I missed it!

I chose, however, to head to Fayettevile on Sunday morning.  I left from home for the hour (plus) drive in lovely foggy conditions.  I felt confident that I had surely made the best decision.


Upon arrival in Fayetteville, I made ONE image.  And then the bottom fell out of the sky.  The rains came.  And they weren’t a soft, gentle rain, but a hard, pounding rain.  “Raining cats and dogs” comes to mind.

I needed a series of images to submit to the walk leader and I wasn’t willing to drive back another day.

That’s when the creative juices started flowing, and I began looking for different ways to photograph without harming my equipment.

Reflections in windows that were present while I stood under the protection of the Lincoln Theatre canopy served as my starting point.


Then I photographed through the car windshield, taking advantage of the highlights the street lights provided.


Again photographing through the windshield while using intentional out-of-focus, I photographed a lone walker headed to an antique shop on the square.


After a period of time the rain quieted down a little and I was able to roll down my car window and photograph from the safety of my car.


Whew!  Mission accomplished!  I had my series for the walk leader.

Hopefully by thinking a little outside of the box I was able to turn a ‘lemon’ kind of day into ‘lemonade!’

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