A Hidden Jewel



© Sharon Brown Christopher

When I mention Big Bend National Park to others, I am often greeted with blank stares. I admit that even having spent the first twenty-five years of my life in Texas, I had never had Big Bend in my zone of interest. It was a series of conversations with family members that led me to spend four days in the park recently.



© Sharon Brown Christopher


© Sharon Brown Christopher

And then there is night. Big Bend is one of the darkest spots in the lower forty-eight states. The Milky Way is, well…there are no words or photographic images that do it justice.


© Sharon Brown Christopher

Consider this post as an unsolicited invitation to visit Big Bend National Park with eyes wide open and camera in hand.

Contributed by Sharon Brown Christopher

2 thoughts on “A Hidden Jewel

  1. Cathie Lyons

    These photos are jaw-droppingly beautiful. I doubt that National Geographic could do any better. You have handled the mist or fog in the background of two of the photos in a way that adds mystery and delicacy to the shots. The third photo with craggy rock structures in the foreground and the gap in the center naturally draws the eye to the extreme depth of the shot. It almost challenges one to walk and crawl and climb one’s way to the rugged horizon.

  2. Stephen Drachler

    You are an awe-inspiring photographer, Sharon. You show us the richness of God’s creation. You bring out the textures of the natural world. I see your personality, your grace, and your love of God in each photo you make. Now that I’ve said such nice things (and I really mean them!) do you ever sell prints? I’d be honored to hang one.


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