The Sound of Music

One of the things I most enjoy when working as an event photographer is photographing the musicians. Usually the visuals are strong, emotions are evoked and it is just plain fun.


Two problems usually have to be addressed from the standpoint of the photographer: the musicians move around a lot and the stage lights add lots of crazy colors. You have to be sure your shutter speeds are fast enough to freeze the motion and your aperture open enough to let in enough light.


This is a great way to practice your photography skills especially with so many free venues in and around Nashville. I’d suggest a minimum shutter speed of 1/125th of a second and f/stop around 4.


Most of these images are from various Frist Fridays, held on the last Friday of the month during the summer. Great music in a relaxed location.


And if you’ve ever been to the Bluebird Café you know what an iconic venue that is. Yes, it can be crowded and hard to get into but well worth it. I only wish I knew these tips when I saw Carole King there a few years ago. So many blurry images….


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