Each summer the Kroger’s parking lot up the street gets transformed by a few traveling carnivals.I’m always happy to see them come because I have found them to be a great place to practice photography techniques. I wait until evening to go when the lights are on and the music is playing. I happen to love going on rides (roller coasters are my absolute favorite) but have yet to venture onto any of these. But, as subject matter, they can’t be beat! Before it gets too dark I practice shooting in low light: carnival-5944 All the lights and activities make these carnivals a great place to try out long-exposure action shots: carnival02- carnival02-12   Some of my earliest black-and-white images came from a daytime foray:

carnival- carnival--2

And it’s a great place to look for abstract images.


So take advantage of these pop-up venues as a great place to try new things, not just photography but maybe some of that cotton candy!

All images © Sandy Burr Photography

Contributed by Sandy Burr

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