Canyon de Chelly National Monument

If you are in Northeast Arizona I highly recommend a visit to Canyon de Chelly.

Several hundred prehistoric ruins can be found throughout the canyon.  Built between 350 and 1300 AD these dwellings were once inhabited by the Ancient Puebloan people called Anasazi. In the 1700’s Navajo Indians began to make their way west from northern New Mexico eventually settling in Canyon de Chelly. The steep stained walls of the canyon preserve these ancient ruins.  Approximately 40 Navajo families still live in the canyon and graze their sheep and livestock part of the year.

We hired a guide to take us through the canyon which is the only way you can access the floor of the canyon. All the guides are Navajo and were raised in the canyon and are very knowledgable. It is a very special place that I will definitely visit again.



White House Ruins


Canyon de Chelly tree


White Horse


Canyon de Chelly reflections

_MG_7530 copy


Contributed by Renee Lowery

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