Telling our Story


© Sharon Brown Christopher

I have within me stories I want tell. All of us do. I have within me a core story that has over my years shaped, energized, and connected me to others. I tell it in a whole variety of ways through what I say and what I do. This is also probably true for each of us whether we are conscious of it are not. Now, since I have picked up my camera again in earnest, I feel compelled to tell this story visually.

One of my 2014 photographic goals is to learn the in’s and out’s of creating photographic composites that tell a story. I am convinced this method of photo development will help me tell the story that fills my heart. In the first four months of this year, I have been practicing. I have yet to reach a point of satisfaction, but with each attempt I come a bit closer, and I keep trying.

I tentatively and courageously share with you two composites that reflect the story that draws me into the future. They very much represent work in process. They are tiny steps along a very long way, yet they are steps.

What is the core story within you that is begging for expression?


© Sharon Brown Christopher

Contributed by Sharon Brown Christopher


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