Creativity’s not Over until It’s Over

© Sharon Brown Christopher

© Sharon Brown Christopher

If you are a photography purist, stop reading now. This post is about laughing, playing, and creating with camera in hand and computer at fingertips, and pushing the boundaries till the cows come home. Last week Sue told of her experience when three of the f/4’s photographed in Bowie Park in Fairview, TN. Here is my “take” of the outing.

All winter I have been searching for the beauty in winter. I have gazed longingly at bare tree upon bare tree. I have pondered their shadows as I’ve driven across them. I have watched David Morel’s work with the same subject matter this winter unfold in beauty before my eyes. (Check it out his blog at My work left me looking.

At Bowie I decided to focus (again) on bare trees as reflected in water. I was searching for the abstract. I exposed a variety of ways. I shot portrait and landscape compositions. I focused and blurred. Sometimes I rotated my camera, and sometimes I pulled the zoom in and pushed the zoom out. I invited the ripples on the water to create natural masks.

© Sharon Brown Christopher

© Sharon Brown Christopher

When I uploaded my Bowie images to my computer, I continued my quest. I moved some into black and white and sepia. I toned them up and faded them out.  I cropped.  The final exploration I made on each of the abstracts was to rotate each one a quarter turn at a time, just to see…just to see! After all, I was seeking the abstract. In this last, almost accidental, effort, I found my insides whispering, “Yes!” when I turned the trees a quarter rotation clockwise. There was something mysterious…luminous…that spoke to my spirit within.

© Sharon Brown Christopher

© Sharon Brown Christopher

It was then I remembered the wisdom according to the great baseball player Yogi Berra: “The game isn’t over until its over.”

Contributed by Sharon Brown Christopher









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