Architectural Details

When I was in college I studied interior design. This was back in the days before autoCAD and one of my favorite things to do was to draw elevations. All those little details that made a design special. So it is easy to understand my love for photographing all things architectural especially the details.

This was shot straight up the front of the Episcopal Cathedral downtown but it almost looks like a wading pond that you could sit around:


These arches are at the Cloverbottom Mansion and have a wonderful graphic quality:


A column from a plantation house in the Delta. The wooden house burned to the ground leaving these to make its place:


The domes inside the Downtown Presbyterian Church. This church is a real gem and worth a visit:


Inside the Ravenswood Mansion (newly restored and soon to be open to the public):


An abandoned church in Mississippi:


—Submitted by Sandy Burr

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