Deepest Gratitude

The women of f/4 Studio mutually agreed that each of our January posts would loosely focus on reflecting on our photography as we said farewell to the old year and entered the new year.  My turn to post rolls around at the end of the month and by now 2013 seems history!

"Pondering Reeds and Lilies"  © Sue Henry

“Pondering Reeds and Lilies” © Sue Henry

Last year was pretty monumental in my personal life as a photographer.  If I haven’t mis-counted, I had 20 pieces juried in to exhibits; with two of those pieces receiving first place awards.  In 2013, my work was seen in galleries and exhibits in Tennessee, Georgia, Kentucky, and New York.

"Don't Let Your Books Gather Dust" © Sue Henry

“Don’t Let Your Books Gather Dust” © Sue Henry

And, of course, a high-light of 2013 was the November f/4 Studio group show.  Much planning and preparation went into fulfilling that dream and goal.

"Morning Chores" © Sue Henry

“Morning Chores” © Sue Henry

As I reflect on 2013, I find myself in a place of gratitude.  I am in deepest gratitude for the interest and support of my photographic art; support that came not only from jurors and collectors but from friends and others who simply ‘enjoyed and appreciated.’

Very simply stated, I make my photographs first and foremost for me!   My love and passion for challenging myself to explore my surroundings and capture the essence of the moment is what drives me to keep on ‘shooting.’  But oh my goodness, it surely is nice when others enjoy or appreciate my art.  Thank you.

Here’s to keeping the momentum going in 2014!

Contributed by Sue Henry

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