Sandy’s 2013 Retrospective

Photographers take hundreds, if not thousands, of photos in a year. Some of mine make the grade and get included in a new or long-running series. Some of them are just cool but don’t yet have a home. When I’m out and about shooting I always have my series in mind but am, of course, compelled to shoot anything that catches my fancy. Sometimes these images are the spark of a new series and sometimes they remain in photo limbo. I feel a little sad for them so decided to highlight a few from this year that I really like but am not sure they will ever make the “A” list.







An experiment in “hand tinting”:









I’m sure they appreciate a little time in the sun and will show themselves off to you in their best light.

-contributed by Sandy Burr

1 thought on “Sandy’s 2013 Retrospective

  1. Ceil Petrucelli

    Sandy – a couple of these pieces have inspired me to try doing something in pen & ink, using your photos as inspiration. The textured surface on the sand dollar (is that what it is?) and the alphabet printer’s blocks will translate well with a mixed media piece that I’ve been playing around with. Love your work! Best – Ceil


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