Intention for a New Year

© Sharon Brown Christopher

© Sharon Brown Christopher

My process for setting direction for a new year starts in December. As the days grow shorter and light lessens, I cull through the events, relationships, reflections,  insights and learning of the first eleven months of the year–  re-membering, recognizing, naming, confessing and forgiving where necessary, and finally letting go and offering up.

As the darkness turns to light, I set my face toward the new year–listening,  wondering, anticipating, imagining, discerning, sensing, and laying a foundation and charting a path for the upcoming months. In some years this process is agonizingly slow and tedious. In other years it flows freely with energy and even some surprise. Almost always there is both pain and joy as well as an initial resistance.

The discernment of my 2014 photographic direction has fallen into three categories for 2014. Honing is the first- that is, continuously learning in ever deeper ways about all aspects of  the photographic enterprise. One of my intentions in this category is to learn the art of printing fine art photographs.

Creating is my second category that includes all things involved in the imaginative output of images. In this category one of my intentions is developing a cohesive, dynamic portfolio.

Sharing, my third category, includes intentions of how I am going to get my work seen by others. Completing and continuously updating my personal web page is one of my intentions in this category.

There are other intentions that I have not shared here. They serve not as rules that drive me but rather nudges that clarify and  guidelines that lead me through the fog of the unknown future and form the context of my decision-making in all matters related to photography.

Contributed by Sharon Brown Christopher

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