Winter in the South

Winter photography can be something of a challenge here in the South. I moved to Nashville from Connecticut, land of (sometimes) white Christmases, so had plenty of opportunities to shoot iconic winter scenes. (Although, in reality, most of my images were documents of how much snow we had which I would send to friends in snowless climates.) I’m not complaining about the lack of winter weather here but it makes for some slim pickings when it comes to going out to shoot. I’ve learned to rush out at minuscule amounts of snow or ice hoping to get an image for the following year’s Christmas card. Or, I set up a long lens in my kitchen to catch  birds at my feeder. Like many photographers I get a little itchy if I haven’t been able to shoot for a while so I always hope a little bit when I hear flurries in the forecast. The one downside? You all in the South don’t have a clue how to drive in snow. I venture out very carefully.

Here’s a few of my favorite winter images from the past few years:











Contributed by Sandy  Burr

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