Going with the Flow


© Sharon Brown Christopher

In one sense the workflow of a photographer is straightforward – prepare for shoot, shoot, develop the images, print, share through posting, exhibiting, et al. with ongoing learning interlaced within the whole process. I am experiencing another flow, however, that is a little more unpredictable and sometimes spontaneous, an in-and-out, meandering flow.

I find the warm months of the year lure me outside. I resist working inside on processing and printing when all is greening and blooming and popping outside. Similarly, I want to hibernate in the cold months, moving my shoots to my dining room table and turning my attention to computer work.

With the present predication of cold and ice, I am making all kinds of plan to organize and cull my files, redesign and update  my website, and study the intricacies of printing.  Will I stop all outdoor activity? Of course not. Ice and snow can be a photographer’s delight. And when it warms, will I lay aside my in-computer work? Not at all. I am just identifying subtle inclinations and rhythms that inform and influence my ongoing photographic process…and add to photography enough variation to tweak continuously my creative energies.

While culling my files the other day, I came across the above image. I am enjoying the process of its  development. I’ll return to it several times during these upcoming cold months and finally file it when I reach a point of happiness with it.

Contributed by Sharon Brown Christopher

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