The Great Butterfly Hunt

Trying to photograph butterflies is a lot like trying to photograph children. They flit around and never sit in one place for very long and they certainly don’t do what you ask. Lat month I had the pleasure of going to the butterfly house at Callaway Gardens. This is a beautiful facility filled with exotic plants and butterflies.

Just about every adult in there had a camera. So picture if you will a bunch of grown up people chasing after little winged creatures begging them to  alight on something, anything!

The most sought after specimen was this lovely blue one (forgive me, I don’t know the names of any):


The interesting thing about this butterfly is that with wings up it looks like a common moth. Nature’s protection at work. Here are a few of my other favorites (I was especially partial to the apple green one):




We were pretty tired after our afternoon there. It’s a multi-level space so we for sure got our exercise. Of special interest to kids was the glass-enclosed exhibits where new butterflies were hatching from their cocoons. It was a magical place to spend some time.

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