By Chance…Illumination


© Sharon Brown Christopher

It was a chance stop at an historical re-enactment site in the heart of Nova Scotia that brought about a chance conversation and by chance brought illumination.

A gray, cool, drizzly day found my friend and me stopping at a small village depicting the life of British immigrants in the heart of Nova Scotia during the mid-1700s. Almost having the place to ourselves, we wandered from building to building, listening to the staff describe what life was like for British people newly arrived from their country of origin. We visited the smoke house, the barrel-making arena, the sheep-feeding trough, and the kitchens before we found ourselves in the woodworking  house where Aubrey was making furniture.

The cameras hanging around our necks invited Aubrey into conversation about photography, one of his passions. Using a simple point-and-shoot, Aubrey proved to be a wise man concerning photographic matters. A few of his words of wisdom:

     “Photography is all about  light.”

     “Photography is just about looking around with clear eyes.”

     “I have been doing this [kind of looking] all my life and I didn’t know it.”

Aubrey’s mind was full of visions of his next photo projects. In fact, he described one such vision in detail, including his fear that it would not come to pass because the woman he wanted to include in his image was leaving her job in the village that day.

The point of my sharing this experience:? Surprising moments of connection and insight come to us when we keep our eyes open and clear and when we  watch for the light…as Aubrey said.

Contributed by Sharon Brown Christopher


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