A Lot of Hot Air

Recently, fellow member Renee and I headed down to Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain, GA, to attend a workshop. This class on night photography took advantage of the Garden’s Hot Air Balloon Festival.

The event started with a bang on Friday night as the balloons rimmed one of the many lakes for the “Glow.” All the balloons fired up together for a gorgeous affect. It was quite a magical experience. The image below shows only a few of the beautiful balloons that lit up the night.


We were up at dawn the next day and headed back to the balloon field where the balloons were being fired up to offer rides. It was a very foggy start to the day which added to the drama. Weather can be an issue with balloon rides but they were soon given the all-clear as the day brightened to blue skies.


After a visit to the Butterfly House and the very cute downtown we returned for the evening’s events. As members of the workshop we enjoyed up-close accessibility. Thanks to several of the balloon teams we were able to shoot inside the balloons as they were being inflated.


Yes, it was very hot so close to the fire! But a very cool opportunity! They looked like beautiful stained glass windows.

Callaway Gardens is a wonderful family resort with a lot to offer including many types of gardens for year-round photographic opportunities. We’re thinking of heading back next spring in time for the azalea gardens to be in bloom. I think they will be spectacular!

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