The Delta Adventure: An Abolished Town

© Sue Henry

© Sue Henry

Another day of the Delta adventure took the f/4 women in Mississippi four hours south (two hours longer than anticipated!) to the abandoned town of Rodney. Once a bustling river town of 200 people, Rodney met its demise over time through a series of events that included a yellow fever outbreak, a sand bar forming in the Mississippi River that altered the course of the river by two miles, a fire that destroyed the town, and the moving of the railroad. In 1930 Governor Bilbo issued an executive proclamation that abolished the town of Rodney. The old Presbyterian Church and some of its remaining fixtures was one of the buildings that captured our imagination.

© Sue Henry

© Sue Henry

We wandered along the old paved roads and forged our way through all sorts of brambles and weeds, rousing a pack of dogs that lived somewhere nearby, We wondered about the people who lived there and the kind of lives they must have led. We entered some of the crumbing buildings, letting our eyes see what could be seen and even what could not be seen as our imaginations carried us back to another point in time.

After our photographic exploration, we decided to return to our Delta base by another route, an extremely rutted and bumpy dirt road that over a hill ended abruptly at a body of water. Said one of us, “Look! A lake!” Said another, “You mean the Mississippi River!”

We turned around, retraced our path to the more established road, and made our way back to our base camp.

© Sandy Burr

   © Sandy Burr                                        







Contributed by Sharon Brown Christopher

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