Singh-Ray Variable Neutral Density Filter saved the day

indian beach

I went on a 10 day photography trip in April to the coast of Oregon. I had been planning the trip for almost a year and had seen so many photos of the beautiful sunsets on the coast and I was filled with such anticipation. I had determined that I would have 18 chances for beautiful sunrises and sunsets so I could probably expect maybe 9. Well, when I got there it rained nonstop for two days. I tried to photograph anyway but could not keep the rain drops off the front of my camera. Then on the third day the sun came out and not a cloud in sight for the next eight days. That is a photographers worst nightmare but I just started thinking of some different things I could do to get some good photographs.  I had purchased a Singh-Ray variable neutral density filter a couple of years ago and decided that was my only hope of getting some decent photographs. It goes up to 8 stops and you can get some very long shutter speeds. By using this filter I was able to get some abstract photographs that I really like.  I didn’t get the photographs that I thought I would but I really had to get out of my comfort zone and try something new which I think we as photographers need to do from time to time. So the Singh-Ray filter saved the day and they also have great customer service.

Contributed by Renee Lowery

3 thoughts on “Singh-Ray Variable Neutral Density Filter saved the day

  1. Duane Chambers

    That is a stunning image, I think you may have been luckier with the weather than you think 🙂


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