A Hike through the Woods…and Much More


The forecast of continuous rain did not deter the eleven photographers and their greater-Nashville and highly respected teacher, Byron Jorjorian as they gathered for a weekend of photographic practice and learning in the Big South Fork Nature and Recreation Area located in the northeast corner of Tennessee and the southeast corner of Kentucky. Three days of climbing up and down, sloshing through puddles, watching, waiting, and listening led me to these take-aways:

Better dexterity with my camera,

Further skill in the arena of my interests in macro and abstract photography,

Connection with new friends with similar interests and deeper connection in friendships that have spanned the years,

Communion with nature and the spirit embedded within it


And here is the biggest take-away of all: a confirmation of my deep desire to express with photographic images the inner reality of my heart and possibly other hearts.


The image posted above is one of the inner-reality images that came to me during this experience.

                                                                      Contributed by Sharon Brown Christopher

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