A Glimpse Backwards

"The Way Through The Door Leads Home"  © Sharon Brown Christopher

“The Way Through The Door Leads Home” © Sharon Brown Christopher

It was curiosity with the past that drew us to an abandoned hotel in middle Tennessee for photographic exploration.  The hotel, built in the early 1800’s, was a temporary home to soldiers on their way to Louisiana to fight in the New Orleans staging of the War of 1812-1815.  Now in disrepair, it speaks of its former life through chipped wallpaper, dilapidated stairs, dirt-smeared windows, and rubbish strewn here and there.

Once located on the edge of the European advance across North America, the adventure housed within its walls led us to contemplate the hotel’s passageways, light, and patterns in its decaying walls.

Hints of unspoken stories are expressed through the seeing of the f/4 eyes.

Contributed by Sharon Brown Christopher

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