F/4 Studio

F/4 Studio is comprised of members Sandy Burr, Sharon Brown-Christopher, and Sue Henry.

With one passion for photography and each with a unique artistic vision, the women of f/4 studio create photographic images that stimulate the imagination, stir the heart, and prompt the introspection of the viewers of their art.

A shared interest in exploring new places and a readiness for adventure catapult these women into unexplored vistas with a diversity of perception molded by their origins in different regions of the United States and a variety of strengths honed by unique life experiences. Their creativity is fed and fueled by their camaraderie that sparks within them insight and continuous learning.

In shooting together and in enjoying the connection that comes in the sharing of meals they become in their artistic expression more than the sum of their parts. “Together we investigate the same subject from the tiniest detail to the grandest view. Being a certain age gives us time to transverse uncharted paths and a freedom to create without socially defined boundaries.”

The women of f/4 studio are an energetic presence in the art scene of the greater Nashville, Tennessee area.

contact us at f4studionashville@gmail.com